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Full text of "transcription, Southeast News, Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ, September-October 1983"

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Volume 34 (actually 31), Number 4 
September-October 1983 


In five days, the General Synod delegates were in meetings more than 70 
hours. More than 130 separate items of business were considered by the 705 
delegates from 39 conferences. Worship, Bible study, major addresses, music, 
celebrations, receptions and elections all filled the days with excitement for 
delegates and visitors. While our Southeast Conference delegates did not always 
vote alike, they always voted to close debate. 

The Rev. Carol Joyce Brun was elected Secretary of the United Church of 
Christ. She comes to that office having been an assistant to the President of the 

As we reported in the last issue of the SE News, Libby Scott of Central 
Church in Atlanta was elected to the Executive Council. 

Youth and Young Adult Ministries was designated as the one additional 
priority of the UCC for the next four years. This new priority joins the ongoing 
priorities of Peace and Family Life. 

Major constitutional changes which influence the ministry were approved. 
These constitutional changes need to be ratified by two-thirds of the Conferences 
before they go into effect. 

Stewardship also was the focus of the Synod where individuals and 
families were urged to contribute at least 10% of their income to their church and 
congregations were encouraged to give an amount equal to at least 25% of 
current expenses toward Our Church's Wider Mission Basic Support. 

The United Church of Christ will continue to struggle with the theological 
and biblical understandings of marriage and family life. The UCC will also 
continue to study the focus and place of Health and Human Services within our 
structure as a Church. 

The delegates left tired, hopeful, disappointed, excited and all seeking to 
be faithful to what the people of the Southeast Conference had asked them to do. 

The delegates are available for reporting to local churches. They are as 

Ms. Freda Brown, 499 Emory Circle N.E., Atlanta, GA 30307 (Central 
Church, Atlanta) 

Mr. Molbro V. Roberts, c/o Midway Congregational Church UCC, Midway, 
GA 31320 

Mr. Mark W. Frey, Pastor, Barton Chapel, P.O. Box 234, Robbins, TN 

Rev. John Schofield, 409 S. Trammel Ave., Fairfax, AL 36854 (Pastor, 
Langdale CC, Langdale, AL) 

Associate Delegates: 

Rev. Emmett O. Floyd, Conference Minister, SE Conference, P.O. Box 
29883, Atlanta, GA 30359 

Rev. Floyd Carmack, SEC Moderator, 10654 Eagle Dr., Jonesboro, GA 
30236 (Pastor, Bonanza, Jonesboro) 

Women of the Word: Pilgrims Stiii 

will be the theme of the UCC Women's Southern Regional Meeting to be 
held at Monteagle, TN on Oct. 14-16, 1983. Registration deadline is Sept. 
20th— the cost is $55.00. United Church of Christ Women from all over the 
Southern Region will be gathering to celebrate and affirm their identity as 
"Women of the Word." It promises to be an uplifting experience! One you won't 
want to miss. A registration form is printed on page 3. Hurry so you don't miss 
the September 20th deadline. 

Conference Caiendar 

Sept. 5 Labor Day 

Sept. 8 1st Day of Rosh Hashanah 

Sept. 16-17 Alabama-Tennessee Association Meeting 

Church of the Savior, Knoxville, TN 
Sept. 18 American Indian Ministry Sunday 

Sept. 25 to 

October 2 Christian Education Week 

Oct. 1 North Alabama Association Meeting, 

Old Liberty Grove Church, Town Creek, AL 
Oct. 2 World Communion Sunday & Neighbors In Need 

All-Church Offering 
Oct. 8 South Alabama Association Meeting, 

First CC Church, Andalusia, AL 
Oct. 9-15 Laity Sunday; Access Sunday; Handicapped 

Awareness Week 
Oct. 14-16 Southern Regional UCC Women, Monteagle, TN 

Oct. 1 6 World Food Day 

Oct. 22 East Alabama Association Meeting, 

Phenix City, AL 
Oct. 23 World Order Sunday 

Oct. 24 United NATIONS Day 

Oct. 28-29 Georgia-South Carolina Association Meeting, 

Midway, GA 
Oct. 30 Reformation Sunday 


Many congregations in tlie United Cliurcli of Clirist will be observing 
Access Sunday and Handicapped Awareness Week in October. Since 1983 is 
the "International Religious Year of Persons with Disabilities," your congregation 
may wish to make a special effort to make your facilities accessible and to 
celebrate the gifts of the disabled in your congregation. 


Conrad Teitell, author of the "Minister's Parsonage Allowance and Social 
Security" booklet, has reported that the Internal Revenue Service has 
postponed— for most ministers— the effective date of the Revised Ruling 83-3, 
which limits the interest and property tax deductions for ministers having a 
parsonage allowance. However, ministers who bought houses after January 2, 
1983, are immediately affected by the Revised Ruling 83-3. 

If a minister "owned and occupied a home before Jan. 2, 1983, (or had a 
contract to purchase a home before Jan. 3, 1983, and subsequently owns and 
occupies that home), the revenue ruling will not be applied to that minister until 
the earlier of the date on which the minister no longer occupies that home or 
January 1, 1985," states the IRS Announcement 83-100. 

This ruling, as well as new Social Security legislation, will be fully 
explained in the new "Minister's Parsonage Allowance and Social Security" 
booklet, which will be available in December. 


In the last issue of the SE News, we reported that Rev. David L. Beebe of 
Pilgrim Congregational UCC in Chattanooga, TN read a collection of his own 
peace poems in a Peace Celebration in that city. We thought the people in the 
Southeast Conference would enjoy reading one of his poems: 

"BLESSED ARE THE MEEK" (written March 18, 1983) 

There have been some who walked upon the world, 
gracing its earthliness with other dreams, 
some promise of the creature that might rise out 
of our earthling chronicle. And we have been 
astounded, for a moment paused, then disbelieved. 

or angrily denied. 

How sliouid we be expected to receive tliese 
intimations of tliose coming ones wlio sliaii be wiser 
tlian ourselves are wise; who shall be stronger, 
with a gentle strength; 

who shall transcend, as once our race did so 
the creatures which are beastly in our eyes. 

Yet even in ourselves the fire is struck. 

Here, in our very frame, our hearts, our minds, 

smolders the tinder which might burst in flame. 

We are the restless peacemakers not yet at peace. 

We are the ones who could perceive 

Truth with pure hearts. And on our lips the Name. 

Courage, my sisters! brothers! Gently come, 

inherit earth. Our sure nobility 

is gentle and humane. The world will wait in wonder, 

and will set its arms aside when, 

from a thousand homes the voices speak, 

crying that only Mercy shall be great. 

In Brief ... 

Steve Akard, Student Associate Pastor of Church of the Savior, UCC, 
Knoxville, TN, is asking that any local pastors who would be pleased to do so 
send Rev. John Lackey the names of any UCC students from their congregations 
who are or will be moving, or who have moved to the University of Tennessee at 
Knoxville. Write to Rev. John Lackey, Church of the Savior, United Church of 
Christ, Weisgarber and Lonas Roads, Knoxville, TN 37919. Perhaps this would 
be a good service for all local pastors to provide for each other! 


Belvidere, 1st United $2,207.59 

Birmingham, 1st 3,015.87 

Birmingham, Pilgrim 2,615.00 

Chattanooga, Pilgrim 6,192.00 

Cullman, St. John's 3,600.00 

Deer Lodge C.C. 660.00 

Fairfield Glade Community 1 , 1 88.75 

Garden City C.C. 115.50 

Glen Mary C.C. 15.00 

Huntsville, United 


Knoxville, Church of the Savior 


Montgomery, 1st 


Nashville, Brookmeade 


Nashville, 1stE&R 


Nashville, Howard 


Pleasant Hill, Community 


Robbins, Barton Chapel 


Sweetwater, 1st 


Total AL/TN Association 


Caddo, 1st 


Total North AL Association 


East Tallassee, C.C. 


Total Central AL Association 


Total East AL Association 


Andalusia, Antioch 


Baker, Pyron Chapel 


Headland, Blackwood 


Total South AL/NW FL Association 


Atlanta, Central 


Bowman, Liberty 


Braselton, Macedonia 


Charleston, Circular 


Charleston, Plymouth 


Demorest, Federated 


Jonesboro, Bonanza 


Lilburn, Button Gwinnett 


Marietta, Pilgrimage 


Midway, Congregational 


Total GA/SC Association 


Total OCWM Jan. to June, 1983 



How can you, a member of the United Church of Christ help to: 

... provide grants to more than two dozen local and regional hunger- 
related projects? 

... participate in public-policy advocacy with the U.S. Congress and state 

... provide consultations among UCC conferences engaged in hunger- 
related projects? 

... participate in ecumenical organizations working on hunger issues? 

... increase hunger awareness in our churches and communities? 

By giving to the UCC Hunger Action Fund, you can help to make all of 
this— and more— possible. The Hunger Action Fund is the one appeal in our 
denomination that is focused entirely on hunger concerns. 

Most congregations in the UCC will receive gifts for the Hunger Action 
Fund between World Communion Sunday (Oct. 2nd) and Thanksgiving Sunday 
(Nov. 24th). Please give as generously as you are able! 


Wanted: Pictures of family life celebrations in your church and conference 
for possible publication in the newsletter, "Families." Please send with caption to: 
UCBHM, 132 West 31st Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10001, Att.: F. 

This newsletter is available free of charge to all interested churches and 
church groups. Write: United Church Board for Homeland Ministries, 132 West 
31st Street, New York, NY 10001, Attention: Faith A. Johnson. 


We welcome two of our UCC Army Chaplains to our area. Chaplain (LTC) 
Stanley G. Roat and Chaplain (MAJ) Lafayette T. Wilkins have recently reported 
to Fort Gordon near Augusta, Georgia. 

Ms. Karen Knodt, a Vanderbilt Divinity student, who has been supply 
pastor for our new church. Church of the Good Shepherd, in Crossville, TN, has 
resigned to accept a scholarship to study with the World Council of Churches in 
Geneva, Switzerland. We thank her for her service here and wish her well in her 

Mr. Mark W. Frey has resigned as pastor of Barton's Chapel at Robbins 
and Glen Mary Congregational Christian in Tennessee. He and his wife will serve 
as Habitat for Humanity directors in Zaire, Africa for two years. Our prayers and 
best wishes go with them. 

A JED Teacher Training Event was held on August 13, 1983, in Huntsville, 
Alabama. Huntsville UCC was a co-sponsor of this event. Ellen Bergman and 
Carol Johnson, members of Huntsville, led a workshop for the Elementary Age 
Group. Ellen Bergman also led a workshop entitled "Christian Education in Small 

Curt's Nuggets 

(From the desk of Curtis Schumacher, Pleasant Hill, TN) 

A Christian can never delegate his privileges and responsibilities to 
someone else. 

NIN Offering Offers Help 

Please give generously to the 1983 Neighbors in Need offering in order to 
support program for children, the elderly, the sick, the disadvantaged, and other 
neighbors in need in our country. You can make a difference! 


Published by the Southeast Conference 
United Church of Christ 

P.O. Box 29883 
Atlanta, Georgia 30359 

The preceding was a transcription from tlie original publication, except for 

photographs and associated captions, a quotation by Martin Luther King, 

Jr. on page 3, and a registration form for a UCC Southern Region Women's 

meeting on pages 3 and 4. Neither the original nor the transcription are 

copyrighted or have rights reserved; they are in the public domain for free 

use. Copies of the original may be obtained from the Southeast Conference 


This transcription was recorded on July 20, 2013 by l\/lilce Stroud, director 

of Project 66-16, an initiative to record, compile and write the history of the 

Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ. 




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